A little over five years ago Fi and I set out on a journey that would see us loop the world over the course of more than a year. We over-packed.

We also under-packed and no doubt made a whole host of mistakes common to first-time backpackers – having to make significant additions to your wardrobe in the first country you visit show’s you were not quite as prepared as you’d hoped.

We dallied around northern Europe for a few weeks, stretching our legs, testing the water, getting used to being on the road. We moved into Russia and began an epic train journey across its expanse and into Mongolia then China.

We fell out with China.

We fell in love with Japan.

We darted through southern China and into south-east Asia, at breakneck speed through many of the highlights. We learned to scuba-dive and captured a light festival in Singapore. The Philippines threatened to give China a run for its money.

We took in Balinese New Year amidst the Oga Oga before covering an immense amount of the wonderful country of Australia in another relatively rapid bounce north, west, centre, east and south before vanishing into Fijian islands for a month.

We scooted around New Zealand’s South and North islands where the trip was almost derailed thanks to a campervan robbery that left us with only the shirts on our backs [and our cameras].

We crossed the Pacific and found an incredible continent full of experiences in South America. The street art of Chile, the wine and steak of Argentina, the parties of Brazil, the landscapes of Bolivia, the temples of Peru, the islands of Ecuadors’ Galapagos and finally the sophistication of Colombia.

Adventures. Challenges. Escapades. Most importantly a whole host of wonderful people met and travelled with, from those friends already known [and now doubtless known even better] to those friends made along the way.

All of this lies within this website.

This is the culmination of a story and its images that took 14 months to complete and 5 years to pull together and publish.

It’s designed to be easy to navigate whether you’re on a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desk-based rig – but it’s best on a big screen!

It’s designed to be a different experience every time you visit – images re-ordering everytime you see a page. Want to find something specific – a country, a place, an event? Drop it in the search and away you go.

Hundreds and hundreds of photos. Thousands and thousands of words.

Start at the beginning or just take in an episode by clicking one of the front page images and diving right in. Want the next or previous post? Use the handy links to the left and right or just double tap the arrow keys / swipe in the direction you want to go.

The story of this journey may now be complete, but the site’s not done. There’s more coming, but I think this is a good place to start, no?

Please enjoy.