A Long Slow Goodbye

Well here it is – D Day, where this D is for Departure [watch out Big Bird, I’ve got skills].

It’s been a long time coming, and in the lead up to it we’ve both been treated to the most spectacular send off’s I could imagine. Hopefully I’ll get time over the coming months to trawl back through a few of the archives and put a few more galleries up of the last year, but for now, as my bag remains as-yet-unpacked and I’m supposed to be on a train in a few hours I’ll have to try and be brief.

Hopefully we’ve been able to convey to each of you how much you mean to us and how much we’re gonna miss you. In the grand scheme of things we’re not really gonna be away for that long – you’ll be wishing we’d stayed away in no time.

Have a great year – do something amazing – live, love and if in doubt, try to follow the hunk of muscle beating in your chest – the ol’ grey matter will usually cause you more trouble than it’s worth Wink


Love, as always, Olds.