Guten Tag!

Guten Tag!

Day 3 and after 2 long days we’ve both had a pretty good night’s sleep. Think we’ve changed our mind about this whole travel thing – Fi’s just checking out cancellation terms and conditions and I’m looking at flights back from Berlin.

Or not.

Admittedly the travel to this point has been exhausting and we’ve yet to take on Berlin but there’s an air of anticipation about what lay ahead of us. I guess we’ve only dipped our toes in as well – this will have been luxury compared to what lay ahead!

At Heathrow we managed to reach Rob & Gilly [our good friends who are undertaking a similar journey] before their departure to Thailand and enjoyed an awesome last supper before they wandered through security.

Having reached Berlin now the less said about the digs the better – we’re in a hostel, it’s got beds, and it’s relatively clean. It’ll do – we’ll not be recommending it to anyone though.

Today the plan is to let the commuters do their thing then jump on the tube and recon some of the main sights – get our bearings.

It does feel like Berlin will be a relatively low-key starting point, but that’s just first impressions, and not necessarily a bad thing.

Hope all is well with all of you,