Day 4 – Sat 15th October

Day 5 of wearing the same top. Am having serious wardrobe issues after an extreme last minute re-pack where I ditched far too many clothes. 1 T-shirt? What was I thinking? Our ‘fabulous’ office themed hostel also considers it illegal to wash clothes, imposing a hefty fine for anyone who dares. We have illicitly managed socks & undies but as tops are harder to hide whilst drying we have already resorted to smelling our clothes each morning to determine our wardrobe choice. Nice – sure our parents will be proud ha ha! So far, we don’t think we smell…….

It is also pretty damn cold. We are swiftly starting to realise that the baselayer/ pacmac combo aint gonna cut it in Siberia. Aside from that though, Berlin is awesome & as its Mayor describes ‘ Berlin is poor but sexy!’

We’ve had 3 of our 5 full days here so far & I kind of wish that we had longer as it’s a huge city. What have we seen? Loads – the Brandenberg gate, The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, The Sony centre, (part of) the Berlin Wall. There’s so much history in this place & its mad to think the wall only came down 20 years ago. Germany has been quite ballsy & taken responsibility for its past – there are many monuments & museums throughout the city. They certainly don’t try to hide their past, very admirable. We visited the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, 2000+ concrete blocks of varying sizes that you can walk through. Possibly supposed to be a blot on the landscape but I found it surprisingly peaceful, it made me feel quite small & insignificant. The Jewish Museum is pretty crazy architecturally too – made me dizzy walking up through some of the wonky corridors. Its also really moving to read through peoples stories, knowing that the majority of them were killed in the gas chambers. Somber stuff, so of course we had a beer afterwards, rude not to!

Food – sausage, sausage & more sausage. Good job I like sausage. Unfortunately we‘re feeling far too scruffy & poor to eat in the many expensive restaurants we’ve passed.  Our day time food choices have been meat in bread, supplemented by a cheap six pack one lunchtime – of donuts oink oink, not beer.  Beer is sold cheaper than bottled water in most street stores & bottle opening is considered part of the after sales service. We like Berlin very much….apart from the stupid Oktoberfest…..8 Euros seemed pretty steep for a couple of bottles of beer but we were moving on & have no where to store a Stein on our travels. Hmmm, this tastes funny we thought. Blurgh is wheat beer? Alcohol free wheat beer? How does this even exist???   I am still smarting now!

Right now I am lusting for brocolli, a hair dryer & my old calf length eskimo coat. That is all for now, goodbye normal people that live in houses.

Fi x