Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 38 – Badaling Badaboom

The fact that I’m sat listening to my Dance playlist for the first time on the whole trip says all it needs to about how the Great Wall went. After a ropey start to the day [you should see the journal entry I’ve chosen not to put up!] the wall itself has turned it around.

We chose to hit Badaling which was a risky endeavour as it’s the most tourist-centric and popular during high season. It’s also the most well-restored so our hope was that it’d give us the best photos. We’d also had feedback from our friends Jessie and Jo that if you turned left instead of right when you hit the wall you were onto a winner, as for some crazy reason everyone else goes right.

This proved true and meant that by forging our own path we were rewarded with large sections of the wall to ourselves. This suits me down to the ground and combined with the belated arrival of the sun and blue sky this made for the kind of wall visit I’d hoped for. All in all it was a pretty good wall – some might even say great.