Thoughts of a Flowertot… Hong Kong

A Catalogue of errors. After a wonderful 3 weeks in heavenly Japan we moved on to Hong Kong.  The city which was confusingly returned from British control in the late 90’s but isn’t technically China. Hong Kong & Macau are both classed as ‘Special administrative regions’ of China which meant we didn’t need to use […]

Japan – Fi – Photos – Part 2

I knew that I wanted to see Mount Fuji (Fujisan) but I didn’t expect to be in so much awe of her. Fuji is considered a sacred mountain by many and there’s certainly something magical about this solitary figure rising far above its neighbouring mountains.  Literally, whenever you can see her you are drawn to […]

Merry Christmas from Japan

Merry Christmas all! It’s bittersweet for us – on the one hand we’re in Tokyo which will probably never really sink in but on the other hand we’re away from all of you over the festive season and miss you terribly! So eat a great Chrimbo dinner for us while everyone in Japan eats KFC […]