Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 52 – Chengdu Chilling

We relented this evening and are awaiting pizza, salad and a side of French fries. It feels even more sinful than it would back home because we’re supposed to be in love with local delicacies but I’m sad to say that it’s just not happening here in China. I’m not gonna stop trying and I have developed a taste for Bowsers [Meat Dumplings – I doubt it’s spelt like that but it’s an easy way to remember them] but to quote a term first coined by a magnificent gentleman with a most excellent name Sichaun food has an unnerving habit of being overloaded with Glade Plug-In Fresh [sometimes known as Sichaun Pepper]. I refuse to give up on Chinese food as too many people I love and respect have had too many good meals with this cuisine but I remain frustrated.

We shelved our proposed trip to Jiuzhaigou [National Park] and I’m now glad we did as it’s under a blanket of snow. We elected instead to shift hostels. We left what I’m confident is the best hostel in Chengdu – Lazybones – for a quiet spot where we won’t party the weekend away. We have a flight booked for Shanghai on Monday, and in the meantime we’ll nip to People’s Park, plan Shanghai and Japan, and do our best to get the Blog updated under the limitations of the internet here.

Leshan [Mega-Buddha] was a cool day – more so for the company than Big Daddy Buddha. Our companions were great fun and we enjoyed a hot-pot for tea and a few beers in the evening – hopefully we’ll cross paths again someday in the future!