Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 70 – Tasting Tokyo

I did get my ass kicked at Streetfighter but I intend to re-address that when we return to Tokyo in a couple of days. A few hours in an Akihabara arcade and I should at least beat the machine for a round or two.

Tokyo is as incredible as I hoped it would be even though we’ve only really spent the last couple of days getting our bearings and recovering from a brutal hangover. I’m too old to spend all night in a karaoke bar after missing the last train, and when I’ve had that much to drink I can’t speak let alone sing. I’ve always wanted to be able to hold a tune but I fear that singing is simply beyond me at the best of times. It saddens me a bit but I think it’s time I stopped subjecting other people’s ears to my wailing.

The night itself was awesome – we met a number of really cool people and I think collectively we gave Craig & Liam a fitting send off. If I could only learn to resist the temptation to inhale anything alcoholic as fast as I can then I’m sure I’d be able to give a good account of myself. For now I’m resigned to being remembered by all as “crazy-drunk-British-guy”.

Having returned to the hostel when most people were on their way to work I eventually dragged my exceedingly ill self out of bed by mid-afternoon and met an Aussie chap called Zak. We had a great chin-wag and resolved to go in search of neon that evening, joined by Shaun, another cool Aussie guy.

We spent an enjoyable evening wandering around Tokyo, dined in a cool noodle bar and had a brew at the Starbucks that overlooks the iconic Shibuya crossing. Most of the places we’ve visited over the past couple of days we intend to revisit and photograph on our return to Tokyo. For now it’s a couple of nights at the foot of Fuji-san, Japans most famous natural landmark. It’s going to be cold…