Japan – Fi – Photos – Part 2

I knew that I wanted to see Mount Fuji (Fujisan) but I didn’t expect to be in so much awe of her. Fuji is considered a sacred mountain by many and there’s certainly something magical about this solitary figure rising far above its neighbouring mountains.  Literally, whenever you can see her you are drawn to her.  Our first view was on the train to Tokyo and our last as we flew over her on our departure from Japan.  We took a few days out just before Christmas to visit the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park for a closer look and enjoyed gorgeous sunrise & sunset views.

And lastly, Tokyo. The city of gamers, fashion, food & um… porn!  I was surprised that I wasnt particularly inspired to photograph very much of the city. For me Tokyo was about experiencing and feeling the place & its people – and it is AMAZING!!!!! I just couldn’t find quite how to capture that so, here is just a small gallery of Tokyo images for your perusal. Have a butchers at Paul’s for some fantastic examples of the Manga/Anime artwork that adorns much of the city…..