Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 89 – Good Afternoon Vietnam

It’s very strange. By rights, with the number of surface similarities to China, Hanoi should be riling me. Hell, a friend who was kind enough to pay for our Taxi to our hostel before we’d managed to acquire any Dong may well have been subject to a covert mugging as she wandered on to her own [the definite low-light so far]. But there is something about the place – for the moment at least – that’s proving more appealing than its northern neighbour. We’ll see how it goes.

We’re booked on a three day / two night tour of Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island that leaves tomorrow at 8am, leaving us the afternoon to hop to a few spots in Hanoi before an evening meal with purse-less Nasreen and a reasonably early night.

Vietnam marks the start of an unfortunately rapid – or in the least more efficient – tour of South East Asia. It promises to be exhausting but if we maintain a pace similar to our Japan tour we should get what we want from the place. More importantly a planned rendezvous with fellow Miltonian’s Colin, V, Rob & Gilly promises to be a whole-journey highlight. Awesome.