Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 123-127 – Koh Phangan

We had a 13:00 pickup so had breakfast and pottered about. We were due to travel until the next morning via Bangkok first then on an overnight bus to Chumpon before a morning ferry via Koh Tao first to Koh Phangan. The journey was a hell of a slog – while we scored good seats from Bangkok to Chumpon the rest of the trip was pretty bad.

We reached Koh Phangan exhausted having had next to no sleep, got good eats at a German bakery, and then walked to find Rob & Gilly at Lime & Soda. The 6 of us were finally together.

Their resort was popular so we had to bed down elsewhere at the more ropey Red Cube but it didn’t really matter. We used the facilities at Lime & Soda anyway so within a few hours of arrival we were in the pool with beer o’clock in full effect.

We all relaxed for a few days before moving on up north for a seafood festival and to see another part of the island. We ended up in pretty poor accommodation but again just getting to hang out together made for memorable times. We watched strange festival entertainment – including an impromptu chair-throwing incident where a local appeared to take offence to an older western bloke gallivanting with a local girl. We met an awesome Aussie girl, Rachel, playing pool at a local bar, and celebrated Rob’s birthday a month late with a banana cake made at a local bakery.

Colin & V were keen to move on to see more and be closer to their departure airport Phuket so after four days in Koh Phangan we took the long journey to Koh Lanta across the mainland and over to the west coast island.

I know what some of you are thinking – where is the tale of debauchery & madness from the almost obligatory Full/Half/Black/Chicken/Hairdresser/[insert your own]-Moon party? We skipped it. Perhaps under different circumstances I might have attended for the spectacle of a hundred thousand revellers whacked out of their minds dancing, swaying, popping and falling around until the next morning but this was not the time. In truth I’m sure I missed out.