Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 148 – Angeles City

We’d thrown about the idea of slipping in the Philippines while sat in Thailand feeling guilty for relaxing and deeming it close enough to squeeze in for 10 days or so. The cheapest flights in we could source were booked and now we were down to 8 days thanks to the Bangkok Fiasco.

These cheap flights didn’t take us to Manila [the capital] though – they flew us into Clark, the old US Airforce base a couple of hours away, late in the evening. This left us with no choice but to stay in nearby Angeles City and wait for a morning bus.

Angeles City is a dump.

Angeles City is seemingly the prime entry point for single middle-aged/old men looking for tiny Filipino “girlfriends”.

Angeles City’s main industry appears to be the sex trade.

We knew none of this prior to our arrival.

We were picked up and transferred from the airport to our crash pad and checked-in. On reaching our room we were greeted with a full-length wall mirror running down the side of the bed, a telly full of free pornography, a discreet exit door to the car park and – I shit you not – a red light. Classy this place was not.

We went out, grabbed [excellent] takeaway Mexican food and a few beers and retired for the evening wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into.