Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 156 – Back in Manila

We returned to Manila for two reasons. One was to catch our overpriced flight to Singapore the next morning and the other more important reason was an afternoon with fellow travellers Rob & Gilly. We’d booked ourselves into the same residence [Leeson’s] that they’d just checked out of as their flight was that evening. We arrived and met them shortly after.

As always it was awesome. We took a wander, had a few beers, grabbed food and caught up. We found we shared a remarkably similar opinion of Manila. Rob & Gilly always seem to have done way more exciting things and pioneered to further lands than we ever manage to squeeze in, but that’s testament to the way they do this and who they both are.

I’ve found that I really look forward to crossing paths with familiar faces. Turning strangers into familiar faces has been equally good. Neither of these things come as a particular surprise to me as I don’t think it’s any different to how I was before I started this trip.

After the usual sad goodbye it was straight to sleep in preparation for our ridiculous o’clock flight to Singapore.