Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 201-203 – Australia – Cape Tribulation

When we eventually departed Port Douglas it was mid-afternoon so we put our pedals to the metal and made our way up to Cape Tribulation. Rob had earmarked a spot that would be close to the beach up there and have a few trails for us to walk amidst the rainforest. By the time we pulled in and setup it was very dark and we made the unanimous decision to take advantage of the reasonably priced pizzas and drinks at the restaurant on site. We bashed through some card games and had a bloody good evening.

The weather continued its disappointing theme of grey and muggy but that didn´t stop us taking a brief beach & rainforest hike wherein the ladies took it upon themselves to demonstrate their quite exemplary talent for taking longer than us blokes do to reach the end/actually paying attention and taking an interest.

With Fi´s Birthday right around the corner she´d highlighted Townsville as the spot to spend it – not for any other reason than that it meant we were making progress south. Rob & Gilly stayed up north to see freshwater crocodiles on an eco-tour while we got an early start to have a long day on the road. As we were getting cleaned up to leave we bumped into Mothra; seriously, this thing was huge and impressive despite being ugly. We then took the long but uneventful drive south stopping for breakfast at the beach, and back in Cairns for a tussle with Apollo that got us very little in the way of improvement, before rolling into a Townsville campsite for the night.