Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 210-212 – Australia – The Central Queensland Coast

After the wild adventures of late it was time to get our heads down and cover some serious miles. We hit the road with bold intentions of covering huge distances…and pulled into the first cinema we could find to watch The Avengers.

To be honest I was worried; Joss Whedon’s past work has never done anything for me despite a number of my good friends – my travelling buddy Rob included – loving everything he’s done. Getting an ensemble movie of this scale right seemed pretty much impossible for anyone – it looked doomed. Step forward Mr Whedon; all is forgiven. He nailed it. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me this was bordering on a perfect cinema blockbuster – that’s the key right there; blockbuster. We’re talking grandiose and entertaining, not necessarily thought-provoking and artful. I laughed out loud and I got that “Av’ it!” feeling – you know the one I’m talking about – on more than one occasion. I think I’ll watch it again after finishing writing this…

Suitably entertained we got on with the business of driving and covered a fair bit of ground over the rest of the day. We rolled into a free campsite that evening and found Colin & Julie so set about rustling up a feast. The classic Spag Bol was thrown together with a host of ingredients acquired from all parties and damn did we sup some wine.

The next day we visited Emu Park on recommendation from someone and found it quiet and pretty boring though it was a beautiful day. While Rob & Gilly made the effort to soak up some local knowledge at the museum Fi & I took some photos and took a wander down to the beach where we once again bumped into Colin & Julie so sat and chatted for a while. They have a singing ship monument atop the hill by the beach which makes an interesting, almost eerie sound thanks to its giant pan-pipe structure.

Back on the road and we were soon on the lookout for somewhere to stop for lunch. Kershaw Gardens you say? Well it would be rude not to. We pulled in to Rob’s previously unknown park and whipped up the usual for lunch before taking a brief wander around the grounds. While Rob seems to keep the place fairly well kempt despite never previously knowing he had a park named after him he seriously needs to look into the facilities as the portaloo’s made festival bogs look downright spectacular.

Later in the day we briefly stopped at a true big rig truck stop which was about the last thing of note before finding somewhere else to park and camp for the night.

Another day on the road took us through Seventeen Seventy and Agnes Water, including another bump into Colin & Julie. Both places were bathed in beautiful weather but neither were quite as interesting as the local tourist information places would have had us believe. We dabbled with the idea of visiting the Bundaberg Rum factory but it was expensive and it was just a passing idea. After some discussion we agreed to keep going and push for the Steve Irwin Zoo the next day.