Thoughts of a Flowertot…New Zealand – Hanmer Springs, Blenheim, Kaikoura & Christchurch (with Compact Camera Snaps)

(Part of a series of articles by Fi trawling the archives for photos taken on the tiny compact camera way back when).

After reuniting with Rob & Gilly at Hanmer Springs we headed to the hot pools. Our neon glow from 5 months of sun pulled a few inquisitive stares from the kiwis but we were happy to boil ourselves to escape from the freezing winter chill. This was to be our very last chance to see Rob & Gilly (outside of the Uk at least!) so we packed in a few days of whale watching, freaky eel feeding and of course a wine tour before saying our final goodbyes for possibly 6 months. In reality we were glad to see the back of them :p