Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 289-290 – New Zealand – Wellington, Wanganui, Mount Taranaki and Lake Taupo Arrival

It’s fair to say that the north island is very different from the south. I’m sure there are people who prefer it – hell, NZ’s biggest city Auckland is there so it must be doing something right – but aside from a few highlights I didn’t really enjoy it as much as the south island. In Wellington we decided to give the Te Papa museum a go. It was alright – a few of the high tech exhibits were quite cool. I sat in the cafe for a few hours attempting to fix Fi’s knackered laptop following the advice of the HP support line and resetting it to factory settings. This was to prove fatal leaving Fi with a large useless weight that we’re still carrying to this day. Attempts to exchange it in the store we bought it from proved naturally fruitless so it was a pretty frustrating day. We left Wellington and drove to Wanganui where we found Fish and Chips and freedom camped at a local park.

We drove in the morning to Mount Taranaki which was lovely to take pictures of under the blue sky. A great big perfect volcanic cone that sits solitary atop the flat land surrounding it as far as the eye can see. It’s no Fuji though eh? 😉 We then made our way up to Waitomo and got on a late glow worm tour because the Blackwater rafting was off for the next two days. It was a pleasant walk through the pitch black underground caves with just us and our guide. Photos were tough but I think I got a single decent shot. We decided to make for Lake Taupo and reached DeBretts late but got a free night for booking the first so settled in.