Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 320-324 – Argentina – Iguazu Falls

We arrived early afternoon and had an easy walk to a nice hostel with a huge private room – easily enough room for a whole family. We set out straight for lunch where our good intentions turned into the now usual Steak and Red Wine meal which was once again phenomenal. As we were wandering back we casually commented on whether one of the many passing falls-visiting buses might have Andrew on it (he was bound here when we separated in BA) only to turn corner and see Andrew waving from one such bus. We popped into a shop to grab supplies for the evening and were surprised again when Andrew wandered in as it turned out he’d just been coming back from Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side. As we were all tired we agreed to meet later for a drink after a much desired siesta – no matter how good the bus you’re always tired after so many hours on the road.

Suitably rested we popped out down to Andrew’s hostel and wandered together for a couple of frosty ones at a local bar with Adam (from France). I do hope we get chance to do the same when we’re all settled back in the UK (assuming that ever happens) – we always had a good time whenever we got together. After arranging an afternoon meet the next day we returned to the hostel where I stayed up late working on the never-ending stream of photos.

The weather was grey and miserable – I’d not travelled most of the way round the world to see the spectacular Iguazu Falls framed by the same weather as Huddersfield. It was a day in. As with a lot of South American hostels we were provided with a simple and uninspiring breakfast – you can’t complain when it’s in the cost of the room and there’s more often than not plenty. I set about continuing to work for a bit now that we weren’t gallivanting around the capital with new friends all day. After Andrew had returned from his final visit to the falls we met up for a quick brew before he headed off back to BA. We sorted a meal we could eat back at the hostel, picked up a bottle of fizz to sate Fi’s appetite for bubbles and watched Matrix Reloaded.

With further poor weather I spent most of the day working on the blog again and playing guitar. The good news was that according to the Internet the weather was looking much better for tomorrow. We took a wander to the Three Frontiers – a spot nearby where three country borders intersect – and saw Paraguay & Brazil for the first time but that was all the day really held of note.

Awaking to sunshine it was up and out to the Iguaza Falls on the Brazilian side. Prior to catching the bus we sorted tickets for Rio for a measly 400 pesos each – this was cheap but it meant we had to make sure we took along enough food for the journey as this would be no Royal Class voyage. This was our first taste of Brazil but due to the regularity of tours that cross between the two countries there was no need for us to go through any kind of serious border control.

Simply put it was a perfect weather day and it’s impossible for me to describe the stunning power and majesty of the falls. I spent the whole time taking photos like I was firing a Gatling gun and just appreciating the place. I hope the photos capture something of the magic of the place – it was easily one of the stand-out wonders of the whole trip.

We were back in Puerto Iguazu by 4ish so we made our way back to the gaff and sorted ourselves out before heading out to Parilla De San Juan for a nice Mixed Grill and some tasty Malbec.

The following day we were up even earlier and on our way to the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls for the day. This side involved a lot more hiking as we took in all 3 trails and also a boat ride out for a drenching under a few of them. There are a mind-boggling number of separate waterfalls (fluctuating between 150 and 300 depending on how much water is on its way down) crashing over the Parana Plateau along the 1.7 mile wide edge. It proved another stunning weather day.

The train you’re bundled onto to reach the trails was a bit of a pain in the ass and the bolt-on float back we took while thankfully cheap was a catastrophic waste of time. Despite these nothing could dampen our spirits as we took in the place from the opposite side – and a wholly different country – to the day before. We got back around 6ish and grabbed some snack empanadas to tide us over before nipping out for a bite then returning to get some kip before the long journey ahead of us to Rio.