Brazil – Rio – Fi – Photos

Santa Theresa – our Rio home for the week and the perfect place for afternoon meanderings to find art, beer, impromptu street footie and a few too many caipirinhas.

Centro – As the name suggests, the centre and home to the most spectacular coffee shop, Confeitaria Colombo. Nom nom. Led by our portuguese friends we were also treated to the beautiful Portuguese library and even managed to spy a few suicidal Anthony Gormley men hanging out the roofs of the city..

Cristo Redentor & the Sugar Loaf – Love : ) – Both spots are exceptionally touristy but do give amazing views of Rio & the ocean. Personally, I wasn’t that impressed by old Christo. Up close he was much smaller than he appears from the lower streets looming, arms outstretched over the city. But, what I did enjoy seeing was the huge number of people littering the floor in what seemed to be drunken poses trying to photograph their friends and family with the dude.

Rocinha is considered one of Brazils largest Favelas. Houses stacked on top of each other with tight winding, often subterranean passageways through, Favelas have a reputation of lawlessness and the home of organised crime. We were led through by a Brazilian guide and warned not to stray from our group but aside from curious glances we felt no hostility from the locals whose colourful and bustling communities nestle into the hillside with the most amazing views of the ocean.

Lapa, Botafago & Ipanema – thrown into one gallery for no real reason. I love the contrast of brash colours of party base Lapa & the ocean-side coolness of Ipanema & Botafaga. Anything truly goes in Rio.