Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 333-334 – Brazil – Campo Grande

Determined to get out of Rio despite loving the place but conscious that it’s not cheap we taxied to the domestic airport on the advice of  the hostel and after hopping around the various sales desks scored tickets for an evening flight to Campo Grande. We taxied back to Lapa, got haircuts and lunch and then settled in at the hostel for a few hours, exceptionally jealous that we weren’t going to be around for what was shaping up to be an incredible BBQ that evening. We taxied to the International Airport and caught our delayed flight to Sao Paulo where I was stopped at an additional security checkpoint and informed that my tripod – which I’ve carried in my hand luggage through every airport on this trip – was prohibited and had to either be thrown away (I’d have been tempted to show them precisely how dangerous it could be) or added as check luggage. Annoyed that we’d already been through Rio security without issue I ran around the airport attempting to sort the issue in the limited connection time I had. Keeping a steady head I talked with some good people and had it all tied up in about 15 minutes before heading back through security and making peace with the poor chap who’d had to stop me. Tired after the unwanted excitement it was only common sense to grab a swift cerveja before comfortably boarding our flight to Campo Grande. We arrived, jumped in a taxi, found the ropey cheap hotel and checked in before grabbing a swift bite to eat and falling asleep.

Campo Grande has nothing to offer. There’s not much to even say about the place. It’s a mid-sized (7 million) Brazilian city that for travellers represents the jump off point in most cases for the Pantanal and Bonito. Our gaff was cheap but in fairness good value – the bed was comfortable, the shower hot, the breakfast good, the air-con working – couldn’t be recommended but fine for a night or two which was what we elected to give it. We wandered the city in search of tourist information but came up with nothing and the fact that it was a Sunday didn’t help. We took a rare siesta not least because Fi was under the weather and decided to just chance it at the bus station the next morning. We ate out in the evening at an unremarkable pizza joint the highlight of which was the appearance of garden peas on our pizza of choice. We crashed early.