Thoughts of a Flowertot…Bolivia – Corumba to Santa Cruz (with Compact Camera Snaps)

(Part of a series of articles by Fi trawling the archives for photos taken on the tiny compact camera way back when).

We arrived in Santa Cruz later than expected and after a brief and bizzarre exchange with interpol we found that the next (15 hour, non a/c) bus wouldnt leave for another 6 hours. We would arrive in Sucre at 8am the following day. Alternatively for an extra £25 we could take a 45 minute flight the next morning and have a relaxing evening in Santa Cruz. We opted for the latter and went & sampled the cultural delights of an Irish bar (always one wherever you go!) before exploring the town and enjoying our first Bolivian parade.

After our derailing incident and a sleepless night on the ‘sleeper train’ daylight brought a new landscape. Our 2 carriage train must have seemed a funny site to the people living in the tiny villages we passed through – people stopped to watch & wave at the train.