Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 348-355 – Bolivia – Sucre – Part 3

After Charlotte’s departure we very much settled into our newly adopted routine – Spanish, blog, photo, guitar, food, red wine, laptop TV. We resolved that when the weather picked up we’d embark upon some serious photography but until that point we were just happy not travelling for a while.

One day we took Sica-Sica [the hostel pooch] for a walk in the morning and she enjoyed it though probably thought she’d get to play out for longer. Sucre is a funny place – it looks stunning from above and if you find yourself wandering around its more prominent buildings under a blue sky day it’s really lovely. Other times you remember that it’s just a city; it’s not exactly the nicest place to go for a casual walk or a run. I wondered if the shine was starting to subside from Sucre itself. It certainly wasn’t from our accommodation.

On another day we took a wander to the park at the other side of the town. The weather had picked up treating us to a spectacular deep blue sky and glorious sunshine. Sucre’s position on high affords it a microclimate that effectively keeps it in perpetual spring. Sure, you get some grey days but on the whole the temperature never drops too low or pushes too high [not that I have any idea what too high is – maybe one day]. Rattling off a host of photos we eventually happened upon a lithe chap practicing his Capoeira. He seemed pretty good to me and when a couple of kids came by he started teaching them a few moves. We just sat on the grass occasionally taking photos and just enjoying the weather and the spectacle.