Bolivia – Sucre – Fi – Photos

Sucre, the place we chose to stop and re-charge as we approached our year anniversary of travelling. The city is elevated at almost 3,000m and somehow we managed to choose accomodation set high on the hillside. Walking up to our temporary home you could literally feel the air become thinner, coal fires and car fumes mixing to reduce the oxygen level even further. It was worth it though, Casa Al Tronco proved to be a little stunner of a place. Through the day we looked out over a sea of white buildings and terracotta tiled roofs. At night we have a vast view of twinkling lights.

Choosing to stop for so long was a treat and we fell in love with Sucre. Taking Spanish lessons on a morning and then wandering around the town or just lazing in the sun at our hillside retreat. Here’s a few photos to give you a flavour of our time there.

Parades & Demos –  A picket line, demonstation or colourful parade bustling through the streets was an almost daily event.

Streets & Houses – For the first time in a year we started to feel ‘normal’ again, blending into daily life and discovering hidden treats in the streets and courtyards.

Santa Clara Convent – The roof top provided a silently beautiful respite from the bustling streets below.

Capoeira – A Brazilian martial art disguised as dance. We hadn’t managed to experience any in Brazil so it was a pleasant surprise to happen across this guy practicing in the park in Sucre.