Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 367 – Bolivia – Tupiza

Fi woke me as we pulled into Tupiza at around 4am. Not many of the passengers disembarked here and it was a simple process to get our luggage and wander out of the station into a taxi that was overjoyed to drive us a few blocks up the road, take a left, a block, another left and a few blocks back again. For a quid we cared not.

Our hotel showed no signs of life but thankfully by the time we’d unloaded there was a fella there to help us get in and check in. We’d booked the night before so had no problem and hit the sack. We awoke again in time for breakfast where we met Morgan and Brittany from Canada who were also lining up a tour of the salt flats to kick off the next day – time would tell if we found ourselves in the same Landcruiser. After sorting out our tour – we’d had enough recommendations for this place to just book it – we took a wander around town.

The weather was nothing short of perfect and while there’s precious little to do in Tupiza we took a walk around and saw the main square and the view from on high. We ate lunch, took a siesta and saw the football results as they came in before getting ready for a bite to eat in town. We hit the hay early so we’d be primed for our tour the next day.