Bolivia – Tupiza to Uyuni – Fi – Photos

The 4 day journey from Tupiza and through the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve to the Salar de Uyuni was by far my favourite scenery of our entire trip.

It was at times so stunning that it seemed otherworldly and the sheer volume of amazing sights became a little overwhelming. Giant cacti, herds of Llamas, Green lakes, Red lakes, Yellow crusted lakes. Flamingos, more flamingos. Geo thermal geysers, natural hot spas, wild rock formations a desert snow storm then sunrise at the Salt flats. A magical trip!

After a quick lunch we were dropped off in Uyuni in time for a visit to the Train Graveyard before our overnight bus to La Paz. That was until I started to feel a little unwell, threw up outside the police station and then spent the next few hours in a restaurant bathroom. We amended our bus ticket and checked into a hotel to begin my delirious night of food/ water poisoning. Not a nice experience at all but I could only be thankful that it had not happened while we were spending 12 hours a day in the jeep together, nor on the overnight bus we had originally been booked onto which had no toilet!

Here follows a few photos from the trip: