Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 371-372 – Bolivia – Uyuni

Fi was still under the weather the next day but not half as bad. A rare paid-for South American breakfast started the day with little in the way of fanfare – without exception bread, eggs and jam are the fundamental inclusions in this part of the world. I arranged to keep the room until we left for our night bus after which Fi promptly returned to bed.

I spent most of the day cursing a knackered laptop [gotta love them Mac’s!] and trying in vain to resurrect it. I put three hours in at an internet cafe and we eventually rolled out for a late and uninspiring lunch. Fi recovered sufficiently to take the bus and we cleaned up and rolled over to the ticket office in plenty of time for check in. While there we met Katrina & Shane, a couple travelling the world taking time-lapse photography to stock up a commercial portfolio – it was really interesting and cool to meet people taking photos for more than just their walls or blogs.

We boarded, were served a ropey foil carton of spaghetti and sauce and then set off on the bumpiest road you could possibly imagine. It felt like they taken the tyres off and made the road out of…no, like they’d not even made a road because the ground was too damn bumpy do anything with.

Fi was on the edge with illness but so thankful that she’d not attempted the journey the night before that it seemed to pull her through. Loud rock music on the Ipod eventually helped me drift off only for us to be awoken around midnight – after the road had finally improved – for an immigration official to casually pretend to pay attention to our passports and visas. After that it was relatively plain sailing until our arrival.