Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 376 – Bolivia – Copacabana

The transfer to Copacabana, a town on the edge of Lake Titicaca and named after its world famous Brazilian counterpart, was an early one and a short one with it and after traipsing about in search of accommodation for a little while we ended up with a room big enough for a family of four with reasonable views. While tempted to continue our newfound laziness we relented and hit the shore of the lake to see what all the fuss was about.

Some form of advertising kafuffle kept the locals interested while we found a cheap lakeside eatery and consumed the unmissable local trout which proved delicious. We later took off into the town proper to see the impressive Cathedral and the local market before foolishly setting off to climb the hill at the edge of the bay for a view over the lake & town. This proved once again that we have near destroyed ourselves on this trip and made us look like 80 year old porkers – you can blame the altitude all you like but frankly we should be fitter.

The views were just about worthwhile and the exercise necessary. We descended for a beer – essential to undo any effect of the climb. After some consideration and review of weather reports we decided that we could live without touring the Sun & Moon Island and bypass the floating villages in Puno, electing instead to book ourselves onto a day bus all the way to Cusco. After searching for alternatives we ended up in the same place for a simple evening meal and made our way back to the hotel.