Thoughts of a Flowertot…Peru – Cusco (with Compact Camera Snaps)

(Part of a series of articles by Fi trawling the archives for photos taken on the tiny compact camera way back when).

Looking back on Cusco I think that we liked it for all the wrong reasons. Starbucks, Kfc, Sunday dinner & an Irish bar – all of which we frequented with gusto. We spent 4 or 5 days there either side of our trek and happily threw cash at enjoying some ‘home’ / recognisable comforts. If you’re on holiday there it’s probably not going to blow you away, the main square is touristy, full of street hawkers and pretty expensive but as a break from travelling South America it was spot on. Just to throw in a cultural edge to our stay we did manage to sample the local delicacy of guinea pig whilst being treated to a music show involving dancing and a man in a black fluffy animal costume. Not knowing what the hell is going on is often enchanting!