Excerpt from the Journal of Olds – Day 411 – Ecuador – Galapagos – Puerto Ayora – Part 3

The next morning we awoke back at Porta Ayora, our central hub for the whole Galapagos experience and where the majority of our luggage had resided while we roamed the high seas. We said our goodbyes to the crew and all took off together to the last stop on the official tour – the Charles Darwin Centre.

Those with better memories will recall from a few entries ago that Fi and I had already had the pleasure and were not especially impressed overall but the camaraderie of the group meant we stuck around and to be fair Daniel’s knowledge and approach shone new light on the place.

As we left the centre many of the group went their separate ways – some desperate for some down-time, others set for further adventures elsewhere. Ubay, Kristel and Maren remained and we decided coffee and cake was the order of the morning. We arranged to meet in the evening and wandered back to Joybe tours. I can’t quite remember what we’d originally had planned for the afternoon but we negotiated to exchange it for an Airport Transfer the next day and made our way back the hostel.

We chilled out for the afternoon, pottering about making the notes I’m attempting to write up now and caught up with Dennis who was still sharing our dorm. The three of us joined our guide Danny, Maren, Kristel and a few new faces for evening drinks and food at our old haunt Café Hernan before collective exhaustion got the better of us and we wandered back to the hostel while Dennis regaled us with tales of his love affair with good wine.